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You can consider any direction of activity of our company as an object for your investments!


Investments in trade with machinery have high profit, fast circulation and low risk! Last year in different countries we sold to the mining companies 46 units of equipment, mainly heavy bulldozers and drilling machines. This year, we already have orders of more than 50 units and hope to bring this figure up to 100!

  • If you’re the owner of the machinery, and the project in which it is involved ends in the next six months, it is better to think about selling it now! Contact us and our experts will help you to choose the most beneficial option to sell it.
  • If you’re engaged in trade of machinery we can unite the efforts. Our experience in different countries will allow you to sell the machinery with maximum benefit.
  • If you're just interested in investments in trade with machinery, so, especially for you we have developed a number of proposals, how to get a good profit on each invested yen with minimal risk! Investments in machinery it is first of all investments in products, which is not depreciated, which is easy to control and to which there is always a buyer!

Coal projects

You can become a co-investor of any of our coal projects!
The range of opportunities here can be various. It can be a financial contribution in the joint acquisition and use of coal assets in Russia and Mongolia, and their subsequent development. If you are the owner of the machinery, you might be interested in participation in the machinery projects.

We are ready to consider any forms of your involvement in any our projects and we are always open to your suggestions!

Contact us! We can definitely be beneficial to each other!