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Darchem Thermal Protection’s Jetfire
Darmatt™ flexible jacket Passive Fire
Protection system is a high
performance solution designed to
meet the most demanding
requirements for protection of critical
flow and process equipments from Jet
Fire conditions. Offering up to an
unprecedented 180 minutes fire
protection, JetFire Darmatt™ is the
latest development of the Darmatt™
PFP system, which has been supplied
extensively worldwide for both
Onshore and Offshore Oil & Gas and Petrochemical installations.
Design Specification
• Fire Condition - Hydrocarbon Engulfment / Jet Fires up to 180 mins
• Blast Protection - Up to 1.62 bar
• Limiting Temperatures - as per project requirements, with Lloyds approved Offtranp software calculations to be issued to clients for each item of equipment protected.
Construction Details
Each Jetfire Darmatt™ PFP system is specifically engineered to fit closely around the protected equipment providing a removable, compact and user friendly enclosure. The system is constructed from pre-shaped panels designed to fit together around the equipment to be protected.
Each panel is constructed from
layers of insulation fibre and
reflective foil, compressed and
studded with nylon pins
throughout the panel’s area.
The blanket is shrouded on the hot face by a steel mesh
and the complete exterior covered by a non-fire rated
weather resistant skin.


The nylon pins hold the components in the Darmatt™ PFP system together to ensure that the insulation materials remain securely in place and do not migrate to a different part of the panel (as experienced with lower quality insulation jacket systems). The nylon pins also compress the insulation to approximately 60% of its original thickness to provide a very flexible but compact system. All this helps to ensure that the PFP system is easy to remove and install again.


Accessibility - Inspection Hatches and Penetrations

Inspection hatches can be provided for each Darmatt™ installation to provide quick access to areas of the protected equipment that requires regular inspection or maintenance. Also, access can be further improved by utilisation of a space-frame around actuator controls. Lloyds have approved these hatches for use along with the Darmatt™ PFP system.


Penetrations       for     operating     mechanisms,

hydraulic tubing and position indicators etc. can
be     provided    to     facilitate    problem-free

operation and maintenance of equipment without the need to remove the jackets.

It is important that the client identifies any requirements for hatches and penetrations as early as possible such that they can be incorporated into the Darmatt™ PFP system’s design.


Jetfire Darmatt PFP Lacing Method

Darmatt™ panels are fastened together using high quality PVC coated stainless steel wire lacing. This lacing method is simple to apply and provides an extremely durable fastening, ensuring that the panels are secured permanently. By using this lacing method, the panels can be pulled tight around the equipment in such a way that they take shape around the valve / actuator. Once installed, each panel will retain its moulded shape making future removal / installation quicker and easier. This lacing method has been used on all Darmatt™ PFP systems supplied by Darchem since 1986.













Testing & Certification



Since its introduction the Jetfire Darmatt™ PFP System has been tested continuously to prove its capability as a passive fire protection system. The system is ideally suited to protect ESD valves, actuators, pipe work, and other process equipment against hydrocarbon engulfment and Jet Fire.
Jetfire Darmatt™ has been tested and is certified to the standards ISO 22899-1 and OTI 95 634 for “Jet Fire Resistance Test of Passive Protection Materials”, the latest recognised standards for Jet Fire is testing.


Jetfire Darmatt™ has also undergone independent overpressure blast tests and is certified for blast pressures up to 1.62 bar. Additional information on Testing and Certification is available on request.

Temperature Limitation

A selection of outer weather resistant clothes is available to take into account differing ambient and operating temperatures for the equipment being protected. The standard Darmatt™ PFP system has a PVC coated outer cloth suitable for a maximum operating temperature of up to 60°C. However for high process temperatures a Silicone coated outer cloth withstanding up to 700°C can be utilised.