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Gas Power System

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TOSEI is presenting a Gas Power System from Mitsubishi Hitachi with the following characteristics:

Nominal Power: 34 000 KW (1°C)

Number of turbines: 1

Used Fuel: LND (Liquefied Natural Gas)

Generator output voltage: 11500 V

Generator Producer: Siemens

Generator Power: 37778 kVA

Current Location: Japan



The history of the generator:

The assembly have started in July 2011. Due to the big earthquake it was set in japan as an emergency source of energy to ensure the continuity of electricity supply.

At the date of 31 January 2012 it was commissioned.

The station has been active for 695 hours and was launched 89 times.

The las day of operation was on 8th of July 2014

On 21 March 2015 it was dissembled